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Life stories > An Ardent Advocate of Hinduism

An Ardent Advocate of Hinduism (Bengali)
An Ardent Advocate of Hinduism (Telugu)
An Ardent Advocate of Hinduism (Hindi)

My unknown future is secured in the hands of all mighty God Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Lord.  

I, S. R. J., was born in an orthodox Hindu brahmin family and was lavishly brought up. Born in a Hindu family, I was taught to practice the Hindu ways of life. Hinduism was flowing in my blood and I had become a strong and ardent advocate of Hindu religion and its way of life.

My father, a medical doctor by profession, was very religious and used to take 12 to 15 days vacation in a year, when he would take the entire family to visit a famous temple or shrine of our country. All my relatives are committed Hindus, indulging in idol worship.

I have a very good job in a Govt. of India company and a caring, loving wife and two sons. I was leading a normal, perfectly comfortable life as a Hindu, never felt shortage of money nor had I any dearth of love and affection from relatives. However, I used to remain aloof, leading a disturbed life without any reason as there was nothing to be worried about. I had no problem either from my official work or from my family i.e. wife or children.

But, I was more than frustrated inside, broken, torn and was wandering in search for peace. I traveled from one corner to another to find true gods and goddesses as Hindus have millions of them. I visited the famous cave of Amarnath in the North and Tirupathi in South India, but ended in utter emptiness. I was missing something. I was searching but never found God, who I was looking for. But to my friends and to my relatives, I was an extra-ordinary person with all wisdom; but I alone knew what I was. I was respected and considered to be a highly cultured person in my society. I was truly a hypocrite.

Praise God for His mercy and grace, Who never allows His children to be lost. It so happened that my wife visited the USA in the year 1993 and stayed with her brother. She was exposed to the Gospel of Christ and accepted Jesus as her personal Savior and Lord. When she returned to India, much beyond my expectations, she was a relaxed and changed person. This was a surprise to me. Right at New Delhi airport, she announced that she had accepted Jesus as her Saviour and Lord. You can imagine my reaction to this situation as a Hindu husband. But, I do not remember what really happened then but I accepted her despite her faith in Christ.

Living in the same house, having two different religious practices – one trusting in Jesus and another bowing down to hundreds of gods and goddesses of clay, wood and metal was a difficult and a different situation to live.

Truly speaking, I clearly noticed tremendous transformation in my wife's life. She had the glow in her appearance and coolness of mind, very calm. She was very composed and sharing God's Word from the Scriptures without fear, exhibiting great patience and endurance. In fact, most of the time she had to face unpleasant situations not only from me but also from most of our relations. In India you can accept any other religion, you are not looked down. But if you become a Christian, the Hindus consider that you have committed the biggest sin. Now, I realize God had a plan for me and my life. Jeremiah, Chapter 29, verse 11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord."

My wife's brother who stays in the USA and his Pastor Rev P. G. Mathew of Grace Valley Christian Centre, Davis, CA visited us in New Delhi in 1994.  I noticed my wife was praying, praying quietly for me and our two sons but I was not inclined to listen, either to Rev P. G. Mathew or to anyone to speak to me from the Scriptures of the Christians. However, Rev. Mathew never gave up talking about love of God and salvation of man. Rev Mathew and his wife Gladys never failed to preach the Gospel of Christ to us, but I and my two sons were not interested in listening to them.

I was not happy with this situation. The prince of this world, the Satan in me kept on resisting to listen to his preaching and I remained a strong Hindu Brahmin. At my age of 46 (in 1994), I knew what is right and what is wrong, what is true and what is false, any change of faith at this stage in life I knew was not possible. I must admit that I knew nothing about salvation or to be born again and of eternal life about which Rev. Mathew was speaking. I never believed that Jesus Christ is the only way and that He is living.

Rev. Mathew again visited us in 1995 and this time he was sharing the gospel of Christ much more convincingly. Like an honest person, I would listen to him but never gave up my Hindu Brahmin ways in worshipping the idols. I cared little to understand life after death of Christianity as I thought it to be philosophy of a different religion. Rev. Mathew, an Indian but now lives in the USA, after his departure sent me cassettes which had sermons he had preached in his church in  Davis, CA, USA. He was convinced that Jesus would do a miracle in my life some day.

Our two sons were with us till the end of 1995, and they then went out one for a job and another for his higher studies. The prayers and petitions of my brother-in-law, and his Pastor and my wife continued for the three of us. Our elder son had started showing interest in the Gospel of Christ.

In February 1996, Rev. Mathew and his wife and my brother-in-law visited us. Pastor Mathew preached God's Word to me without taking rest on 5th February 1996. Praise God, on the night of 5th February ‘96, I experienced a change in me, as if I was wrestling with the Spirit of God Who was clearing my doubts. I felt, as if I am being cleansed and purified. I did not know at that time how to wrestle with God, nor did I know that I was coming closer to Jesus. The person in me - the Satan - was still pushing me away. This continued for sometime and finally the will of Jesus prevailed in my life. Satan was defeated and a change in my life came. I experienced great relief and peace in my heart. I realized that Jesus has changed my life and I heard Jesus asking me to come to Him and was telling me “I am the way, the truth and the life. If you are weary and burdened, come, I will give you rest." The Spirit of the living God was working in my heart and I realized that I belong to a living God and I am His child. I confessed Jesus as my Savior and Lord openly, after repenting for my failures, shortcomings and sins to Jesus. On 6th Feb.'96, Pastor Mathew baptized me. Immediately after baptism, I felt as though I am a free man without any burden and I received the peace I was searching for.

Nothing to me is more precious than Jesus. I am now saved from eternal condemnation. I understand that because of my sin, Jesus died on the Cross and paid the price for my sin in shedding His blood on the Cross. I am strongly convinced that nothing of this world can separate me from the love of Jesus. I understand there is no other god in heaven and on earth except Jesus Christ, the God incarnate, Who lives and He lives in me. He is my personal God. Praise God, our two sons have also accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord and they are now Christians.

What did I do to be saved? I repented and believed in Jesus as my Savior and Lord. Friends, you can also be saved, if only you believe in Jesus as Savior. He alone will grant you peace and joy in the midst of all worries and troubles of life and will grant you eternal life. His grace is sufficient for me. I am now growing in the love and grace of God as I trust Him more. This is my testimony. Amen.

S.R.J., Calcutta, India

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