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Life stories > Born and Married a Hindu Brahmin

Born and Married a Hindu Brahmin (Bengali)
Born and Married a Hindu Brahmin (Telugu)
Born and Married a Hindu Brahmin (Hindi)

I, M. J., was born in a hindu brahmin family. To me my family religion was not very important. My grandmother used to take care of religious activities and sometimes we children were asked to bow our heads in reverence to idols.  I was God conscious and used to wonder who God is? I had  this question and many other questions to know God. How can  a stone be God or how can human beings make god and goddesses? This question remained unanswered.

I was married to a hindu brahmin family of my own caste. My husband was a great worshipper of idols. Though I used to visit temples along with him, I used to be disturbed in mind and was never satisfied. I have a loving husband and two loving sons and yet I was always experiencing emptiness in life. I was quietly searching for the true God. My heart never allowed me to worship idols and I had almost stopped going with my husband to the inside of the temples, where idols used to be worshipped.

In the year 1992, my elder brother and his family visited us from the USA. My brother who had gone to the USA for study has now settled there. He had accepted Jesus Christ and became a Christian. When he stayed with us, he shared the gospel of Jesus with me and my family. I was very much impressed by the power of his faith in Christ and saw his changed life. I was also wondering to know whether I am doing right or doing wrong in worshipping idols. My brother told me that God has revealed Himself in the Bible and has shown us the way to live a godly life here on earth by trusting His son Jesus. I requested him to send me a Bible. He did send me one and I started reading the Bible and wanted to know more about Jesus and God.

So I visited churches to watch and know what the Christians do in worship. My brother invited me to the USA in 1993 and after arriving there, the first thing I told him is to take me to a church. The very first Sunday, I went to my brother's church with him i.e., Grace Valley Christian Center, Davis, CA. During the worship the Spirit of God told me in my heart that I am in the presence of the true and living God. I realized that I am a sinner and even then, Jesus loves me and that He alone can forgive my sins and make me free. When I shared this with my brother, he took me to Rev P. G. Mathew, Senior Pastor of Grace Valley, who explained to me the gospel of Christ in detail.

When I made up my heart and mind to accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord, Pastor Mathew asked me - "Your husband is a Hindu Brahmin, will he accept you when you accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord?" My answer to him was this "My God will save me and will take care of me." Pastor Mathew read to me a verse from the book of Mathew, Chapter 11, verse 28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will you rest." Then and there I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior.

In September 1993, I became a Christian and a child of the living God Jesus Christ. Since then, I have much peace and joy in my heart. After my vacation in the USA, I returned to India in November 1993, a changed person. I shared my faith with my husband and two sons and started praying for them. Though I was praying alone, God gave me strength to bear all the difficult situations, which a single person with Christian faith and practices would face in a brahmin home. It was a testing time for my faith in Christ. By God's grace, I could overcome all these difficult situations. My brother, Pastor Mathew and all the brothers and sisters in Grace Valley Church, encouraged me and were praying for me and my family so that I could lead a victorious life in Christ in the midst of all hardships.

God has blessed me in many ways and my husband and my two sons have accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord in February 1996. We as a family live very joyfully, peacefully and prosperously. We are in Christ and we now worship in a church in Calcutta. We are growing in our faith in Lord Jesus every day and becoming stronger in faith. Praise be to the Lord Who has done marvelous things. This is my testimony to my friends who are searching to know and find the true, loving and caring God. It is Jesus Christ, Who took upon Himself my sins on the Cross of Calvary and has granted me peace and joy now and forever with Him in heaven. Amen.

M.J., Calcutta, India

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