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Karma to Grace is a web site designed to promote dialogue between Christians and Hindus. The immediate aim of Karma to Grace is to present a comparison and contrast of and between the ideas of Christianity and Hinduism.

It is our desire to present these ideas accurately and fairly. We want to see the basic concepts of Hinduism and Christianity explained and understood. Though you may not agree with everything presented here, we hope you will gain a greater understanding of the teachings of Hinduism and of Christianity. In some cases there are parallels in these teachings, and in some cases there are deep contrasts. We hope you will respect our attempt to let each idea speak for itself.

There are several aspects of this site.  The goal of dialogue and accurate explanation is aimed at in the first aspect of the site, the "Articles" section, as well as most of the other sections.  The "Life Stories" section is a collection of true stories of those who have come from Karma to Grace, as the name of the web site suggests.

This site is maintained by Christians who are friends of Hindus. If you are a Christian, we hope these ideas will clarify the teachings of Jesus and give you a basic grasp of Hinduism. If you are a Hindu, we hope that these ideas will clarify the teachings of Hinduism and give you a basic grasp of the teachings of Jesus. We have worked hard to present both the teachings of Jesus and the beliefs of Hinduism to the best of our ability and understanding.

We hope the truth will speak for itself.

Honeydrops (Quotations):

Two sentiments that are more often associated with the idea of salvation in India are disgust for the world and fear of rebirth.(our) religious books are heavy with these two sentiments. And our people in general have sought in religion only one blessing, a cessation from rebirth. This fear of life, this hope of salvation, this intense desire to escape from rebirth, have gone so far as to throw into the shade the problems and prospects of the brief spell of human life on earth.

- Richard Lannoy. The Speaking Tree: A Study of Indian Culture and Society Bombay: Bhartya Vidhaya Bhawan, 1971, 168

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