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Encyclopedia of Hindu Gods


Image from Moor.

Basic Description:   godof Mercury, one of the Nine Planets.

Alternate Names :   Budha, Bhudha

History/Practice s:   The Hindu name for the day Wednesday, Budhavara,is named after him.  Aparamargu is sacredto him.

Iconograp hy:  

Mythology:   Birth Myth:   Budhan is the child of Tara, consort ofBrahmanaspati, and Chandra.   When thechild was born Brahma ordered Tara to name thefather, but she refused.   Since sherefused the child itself spoke up and threatened to curse her if she did notname his father.   Tarathen named Chandra as the father.   Thiswas considered wise of him and hence he is named Budhan or wise.

ConsortMyth:   The god Manu had no children, butwanted a child.   He performed a sacrificeto Surya to beget a son, but the priest made a mistake and he got a daughter,Ila instead.   The priest prayed to Brahmato correct his mistake and Ila became a man named Sadyumna.   While Sadyumna was out hunting heaccidentally came across Parvati naked in Shiva’s arms.   Parvati was angry with him and cursed him andhe became a woman, Ila, again.   This waswhen Budhan saw Ila and married her.   Butafter she had born him a son, she wished to become a man again and prayed toVishnu.   Vishnu blessed her and shebecame a man again, but the curse of Parvati was to powerful to be overcomepermanently.   So she is a man one monthand a woman the next.

Consort:   Ila, who becomes Sadyumna


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