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This page is designed for the answering of questions you might have about Hinduism or Christianity, or the relationship between these two world views.  View Translations in Telugu.

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- Dayal V.
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Q: How many Hindus are there in the world?
A: Patrick Johnston is one of the best sources on statistics. He has written a book and updated it for some time on the countries of the world, their politics, their religions, and many other aspects of the countries of the world. His most recently updated book, published in 2001, Operation World states that in Asia, Hindus make up 22% of the population and the number of adherents is 815 million. In addition to the Hindus of Asia, one must also count the Hindus of the diaspora who have moved to other countries. With large populations of Hindus in Britain, the United States, Guyana, Mauritius, South Africa, Fiji, Bhutan, and Trinidad and Tobago, we can add another approximately 5 million to this number. With smaller populations in other nations as well, the number can be raised a little more. Perhaps a reasonable estimate of the worldwide Hindu population is 820-850 million.

- Wyatt Robertson

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