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Encyclopedia of Hindu Gods


Image by permission.

Basic Description:  Vishnu became a boar to recover the Earth from the bottom of the ocean.  After returning the Earth to safety he defeated an Asura.

Mythology:  At the beginning of a new Kalpa while Brahma was busy creating the world, Bhoomadevi (Earth) was pushed to the bottom of the ocean. In distress, Brahma meditated on Lord Vishnu to come to his aid. As he prayed a tiny white boar came out of his nostril. The boar kept growing to a colossal size. The boar leaped into the air above the clouds and dove into the ocean. He searched for the Earth on the floor of the ocean and eventually dug up the Earth.  As he was bringing the Earth out of the water, an asura named Hiranyaksha challenged Varaha. After bringing the Earth to safety Varaha defeated the asura.


Other References on the Karma-to-Grace website:  Is there a savior in Hinduism?


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