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This page is designed for the answering of questions you might have about Hinduism or Christianity, or the relationship between these two world views.  View Translations in Telugu.

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Q: Hindus believe that Buddhan is one of the Avatars of Vishnu. Do you know what story or place this is at in the sacred writings?
A: The avatars of Vishnu are varied in their descriptions and numbers. It is traditional now to number the Avatars at 10, with Buddha being one of these. However, the Puranas puts different numbers at different points in different Puranas: one says 12, and another 22 for example. Some of them are listed according to the age in which they appear; Budda belongs to the Kali age. The action or purpose of Buddha in the Kali age is to lead mankind (the non-Aryan nations) astray with false teaching (Srimad Bhagavatam, edited by P. Bhaktivedanta: Canto 1 Chapter 3 v.24 “Thereafter in the Age of Kali His birth as Lord Buddha from Añjana in Gayâ will take place in order to delude the ones envious with the theists.”; Canto 6, Chapter 8 “May also Lord Buddha, who leads the ones who are illusioned, keep me away from the delusional.”). Whether Buddha is in the list or not will depend on which Purana you read. Buddha only appears in two of the lists that I know of, and there are no significant stories connected with him, only short statements.

- Wyatt Robertson

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